Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Princess of Wands

Like all court cards, the Princess of Wands most frequently represents an individual involved in the querent's life.  Typically this person will be youthful and female: she will be inquisitive, active, impulsive and possessed of what used to be called a "fiery" temperament. She may have reddish-tinted hair and a ruddy complexion: she may also have a lean, muscular runner's or yoga instructor's build.  (But be careful about assigning too much importance to appearance: the personality does not always match the body).  The role the Princess of Wands plays depends on the question and on her placement in the spread.  But however she manifests, she will be difficult to control. She is capable of exerting enormous effort toward things which excite her: her joie de vivre can become screaming rage without warning.

The Princess of Wands can also represent the actual querent. In these cases she represents a state of mind and approach toward life: the querent's physical appearance, and even gender is unimportant.  This Princess is not the sudden flash of inspiration you might expect from the Ace of Wands but a long-smoldering ember that is about to ignite.  She is a passion which will no longer be denied. Whether she will burn or illuminate depends on the surrounding cards and how the querent channels her force.  She is a powerful catalyst for growth, but one which will as happily raise briars as flowers.

When the Princess of Wands appears in a hostile or threatening position, there are several possible responses.  One is to fight fire with fire. Understand that you're facing a fast-moving opponent and move faster so that you get the prize and she gets scorched earth.  But you can also stop fire with water: when she wants a heated argument you can shut her down by remaining calm and sympathetic but unfazed.  Without an angry response to keep the conflagration going, she will soon turn her attentions elsewhere.  And if she is manifesting as a nagging temptation remember what every firefighter knows. Take action as soon as you see smoke: the longer you wait the worse the ensuing blaze will be for everyone concerned.

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  1. I love how terms like 'Princess' can conjure damsels in distress as easily as demanding divas. When I look at the princess of cups, however, I wonder if sometimes the damsel lets herself be captured just to get some time to herself.